Our devoted team of excellent scientists and software engineers puts all its passion and expertise into bringing quantum chemistry to everyone and turn visions into facts!

Dr. Christoph Riplinger

Managing Director & Co-founder

Dr. Barbara Sandhöfer

Legal / IP & Co-founder

Dr. Bernardo de Souza

Senior Scientist

Tim Tetenberg, M.Sc.

Backend Developer

Dr. Gregor Giesen

Senior Software Architect and DevOps Engineer

Dr. Miquel A. Garcia-Ratés

Software Engineer

Dr. Georgi L. Stoychev

Senior Computational Scientist

Dr. Johannes Grün

Software Engineer

Dr. Jeroen Koopman

Computational Scientist

Dr. Anneke Dittmer

Application Scientist

Dr. Markus Bursch

Application Scientist

Nakul Santhosh

Junior Software Engineer

Mustafa Ozdemir, M.Sc.

Junior Application Scientist

Cedric Mathieu Brandenburg, B.Sc.

Working Student Software Development

Scientific Advisors

To create excellent software and workflow solutions, we teamed up with outstanding experts from academia and industry. Thanks to our close collaboration, we are able to combine the latest scientific developments with high industrial standards.

Prof. Frank Neese

Head of Scientific Advisory Board & Co-founder

Prof. Frank Neese, director at the Max-Planck Institut für Kohlenforschung and 2010 Leibniz award winner, co-founded FACCTs and acts as the head of our scientific advisory board.

Prof. Benjamin List

Scientific Advisor

Prof. Benjamin List, the 2021 Nobel Prize winner and one of the world’s leading experts in catalysis, joined our scientific advisory board in 2023.

Prof. Stefan Grimme

Scientific Advisor

Prof. Stefan Grimme, full professor at the University of Bonn and 2015 Leibniz prize winner, joined our scientific advisory board in 2019.

Prof. Michael Edmund Beck

Scientific Advisor

Prof. Michael Edmund Beck, Chief Data Scientist at Bayer Crop Science and Prof. h. c. at the TU Dortmund University, joined our scientific advisory board in 2023.

Dr. Benjamin Helmich-Paris

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Benjamin Helmich-Paris, junior research group leader at the Max-Planck Institut für Kohlenforschung, joined our scientific advisory board in 2022.