Turning Visions into FACCTs

We provide fast & accurate simulation tools for chemical and pharmaceutical R&D.

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ORCA provides cutting-edge methods in the fields of density functional theory and correlated wave-function based methods.


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Quantum chemical simulations seem to be for experts only. Weasel is our solution to bring them closer to everyone.

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Structure Elucidation

Reaction Optimization

AI / Machine Learning

Scientific Consulting

Who we are

FACCTs is a spin-off of the Max Planck Society. Our core product is the quantum-chemical software package ORCA, with a 20-year history, a user base of more than 60000 users, and a growth rate of 25% per year. It is used by scientists in their daily work to solve all kinds of problems using actual physics-based models built around solving the Schrödinger equation.

Our clients

Photo of Dr. Clara Christ, Vice President and Head of Molecular Design at Bayer

Dr. Clara Christ

Vice President, Head of Molecular Design | Bayer


With increase in compute power, quantum chemical calculations have become essential tools to understand the molecular processes relevant to Bayer’s research projects. FACCTs has been a reliable partner in providing us with state-of-the-art workflows with improved speed, accuracy, and usability to push the technology to its limit.


Photo of Dr. Piermaria Pinter, Senior Scientist at Novaled

Dr. Piermaria Pinter

Senior Scientist | Novaled


I’ve been using ORCA successfully for 10 years in academia and subsequently initiated the process to implement it in Novaled. With ORCA our efficiency has drastically increased and with the addition of WEASEL the process is even more simplified and comprehensible. Furthermore the FACCTs team is professional, supportive and consistently rises to new challenges.



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